To know the intent of a customer, companies have started resorting to online surveys and a lot of them have done so with extreme success. The best part about the online survey is that they are quick and easy to fill. However, there are certain elements that go into making the online survey successful, and one of them is the design of the survey itself. These are just some of the top 5 reasons why online surveys have become a boon.


Less time-consuming 

Online surveys tend to be less time-consuming as compared to traditional survey methods. Imagine getting a paper questionnaire printed and distributed to target customers, then waiting for the response to come back to your guest. The whole process of creation of survey to data entry in the database takes more time than collating data from online surveys. Things move quickly and automatically in online surveys, making it the better choice among the customers as well as organizations alike. 


Improved convenience 

This must probably have happened to a lot of us: You are taking the first bite of the juicy burger and suddenly an employee of the burger joint comes in for your feedback. This is highly inconvenient and leaves a bad taste on your customers. Not to mention it is invasive and takes effort from both ends to get the paperwork done. Online surveys can be conveniently filled in at any point in time. And your team need not run around every time they find a new customer. 


Low need for resources 

All the paper you use to print costs money, and so do people whom you employ to take these surveys.  Even if you hire a third-party service, it will cost more than renting out an online survey. For companies on tight budgets, traditional surveys aren't the best option. Online surveys, on the other hand, are cheap to set up and process. And thanks to social media, these surveys are easy to publicize too. Their analyses are easy to understand and intuitive, making it less resource or team-intensive activity for your company. 


High flexibility 

Need to change a question in the survey form? Or display a different questionnaire based on the customer’s response? All of these are easily possible when you create the form online. Online surveys offer greater flexibility in creation as well as the method of collecting feedback. You can make it as intuitive as possible in a jiffy. This will make it more user-friendly, thus encouraging more customers to engage and fill out the survey form. 


Ease of processing and analysis 

Paper questionnaires are time-consuming and resource-intensive. You will need an army of people to enter the data, make a graph/pictorial representation and finally analyze your results. All of this can be cut short, thanks to online surveys. With appropriate features, you can analyze your customer feedback without the help of an analyst. This will be beneficial for those organizations or startups which are moving fast and want to make the entire feedback process fluid yet effective. 

To sum up, online surveys beat traditional surveys by a large margin in terms of convenience and cost. Having a great feedback service without costing a bomb is a dream for every organization. So switch to an online survey app such as Orbitrics to reap the maximum benefits at minimum expenditure.  

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