The process of creating an online survey is not as simple as it sounds. One needs to be well-versed in the process of creating an online survey to know the customer sentiment. It is important to define the purpose of the survey and it should be based on the objectives of the survey. The design of the survey must be such that it should not create more workload for the respondent but should be easy to understand and should provide the desired feedback. Here are some of the questions you can ask in an online survey.


#1 What would you like to change in our products/services?

This is an innovative way to pinpoint the pain points of your product/services. Asking for generalized feedback will make it difficult for you to segregate their opinions on the product. This question will enable your customer to brainstorm for the one specific aspect they didn’t like. They may also give you ideas to improve your product, which may prove to be useful in the future.

#2 Would you recommend us to your friends and family?

Another very important question to gauge repeat customers. Customer experience is vital if you want them to be loyal to your product/services. In this highly competitive market, it is pertinent to keep up with your customers’ expectations. Hence, asking this question will help you give a clearer picture if they like what you offer, and if not what they expect more from you.

#3 Which were the other products/services you considered before us?

Google is software, period. It cannot give a clear picture of what your target consumers think are the better products. So to give a flavor of what your real competition is, you need to ask your customers about it. Try to gather what they liked about other products or why they prefer your competitors more. This feedback will go a long way as feedback to improve upon your stuff.

#4 What can we do to serve you better?

This is different from the #1 question because it entails the entire experience of the customer. Think of customer service, or even tiny little details of their interaction with your salesperson, that can come up in the answers to this question. Sometimes the problem isn’t even the product, but the customer experience or service which deters your target customers from coming again.

#5 How did you hear about us?

This question is a good tool for gauging the response your product is getting. It will also give you an idea of how effective your marketing campaign is. Depending upon your customer response, you can customize your marketing campaign and focus more on the channel from where you are getting the best returns. Sometimes, incentives bring a lot of potential customers abroad to try your products. You may want to know whether such an expense is worth it or not. This question is a great way to know whether your methods are working or not. 


So here are the top 5 questions you can ask to improve your customer sentiment. If you are looking for the right online survey app to host your feedback form, Orbitrics is the one. With multi-device support, multi-language support, and affordable plans, Orbitrics is the best when it comes to hosting easy, attractive surveys for your customers. So sign up for a plan ASAP!

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