If you are a B2B SaaS business looking to improve your quality of service, know more about how satisfied your customers are, and would like to keep in check the performance of your SaaS business, surveys are exactly what you need. Surveys provide the ability to uncover consumer insights and make informed, data-driven business decisions using information that’s directly from the people that matter most — your customers. Read on if you’d like to know the ins and outs of conducting a survey for your SaaS business.


The concept of a B2B SaaS survey

It is well-established that giving customers what they need in a product during its early stages is a much more logical thing to do than to try and revive a product that could not perform well.

To understand what the customer needs, make the necessary changes, and strategize the growth of the business, a company can conduct a customer survey to know the things it needs to focus on.

A B2B SaaS customer survey is usually conducted to know how satisfied the SaaS provider’s customers are with their product. In general, it is used to infer a customer’s views towards the products and services provided.

The working of a B2B SaaS survey

Usually, a survey is conducted after the launch of a product to understand the users’ sentiments towards that product.

In a very general sense, the customer sentiment towards a product can be understood by the company after asking the customers a set of well-framed questions, which are then combined with the customer’s feedback and analyzed at scale.

A lot of factors are taken into consideration before creating a survey, and needless to say, a lot of factors must be taken into consideration to successfully conduct a survey that meets all goals.

The need for a B2B SaaS user survey

Many SaaS providers include a survey within their registration process. The survey helps the providers to understand the expectations of their customers. The surveys might also include other information such as demographics, technical needs, and a lot more. The survey results help SaaS providers to enhance their products.

Types of B2B SaaS surveys

There are 3 types of surveys that can be conducted by a B2B SaaS company. They are:


  1. Customer experience survey: The general idea behind conducting such a survey is to know the customer experience level with the product. By knowing the customer experience level, we can make the product more user-friendly and also know what features they want in the product.
  2. Product experience survey: This survey is conducted to know the experience level of the end-user with the product. It is useful to know the experience level of the end-user because they are the ones who use the product every day and they can give valuable feedback which can be used to improve the said product.
  3. Market research survey: The aim of this survey is to know the market data. By knowing the market data, we can know the level of competition of the product in the market. It is also useful to know the market data because we can make the product according to the market data and the product can stand out in the market.


These surveys can be done either in the form of online or offline. Online surveys are more popular than offline surveys and are easier to conduct.


How can a B2B SaaS provider conduct a survey?


The process of conducting a survey by a B2B SaaS provider is no different from that of a B2C SaaS provider. Both have the same goal of collecting information from their customers. The survey can be conducted in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Email - The survey is sent to customers by email.
  • Web - The survey is hosted on a website and customers are directed to access the survey through a link.
  • Inbox - The survey is hosted on a third-party site that is accessed via a link from the provider's application.
  • Paper - The provider sends a paper copy of the survey through the post.


Eight steps to conducting a perfect survey


As with any project, a little planning will make sure that the project goes as smoothly as possible.

Here are a few steps to help you get started:


  • Define the goals

You should have a clear idea of what you want to achieve with your survey. Do you want to find out why customers are not using your product or service? Do you want to find out what the problems are that they are experiencing? Or are you just trying to find out if your product or service is meeting their needs? Whatever the goals are, make sure you write them down.

  • Establish the schedule

Establish the schedule

Plan out how you are going to conduct the survey. Decide on the best time and the best number of days to communicate with your customers. You just need to decide on the best way to reach your customers.

  • Plan the marketing

Make sure you have a marketing plan that will get the word out about your survey. It is important that you get the word out there so that you can get a good response.

  • Create the survey

Create a survey that will reach the goals you have set for yourself. The questions should be clear and concise. Make sure you have an option for the respondent to provide feedback. Most people don’t like filling out surveys so you may have to incentivize them in some way.

  • Administer the surveyAdminister the survey

Once you have created the survey, it is time to administer the survey. You will have to send the survey to the people you want to hear from. You can do this by hand, by email, or through survey software like SurveyMonkey or Google Forms. Once you have all of the information you need, it is time to analyze it and put the data to work.

  • Analyze the data


Analyze the data




                  You should analyze the data to find out what the problem is and what you should do about it. For example, if you are a coffee shop and you want to know why people aren’t buying your coffee, you can create a survey. You can communicate with the people who respond to the survey and find out what the problem is and how you can fix it.

  • Use the data

After you have analyzed the data you will have a better idea of what you need to do. You will have a better idea of what you need to change and how you are going to solve the problem. For example, if you find out that the problem is that your coffee is too expensive, you can either lower the price or find a way to make it cheaper for you.

  • Create a report

You should create a report which you can communicate with your customers. The report should have all of the information that they need. It may also include any recommendations that you have for them. For example, if you find out that people are not buying your product because they say it is too expensive, you can include that in the report.

The surveys should be used to inform the B2B SaaS provider about its customers’ needs, and expectations and to gather feedback on improving their quality of service.

How to prepare a SaaS questionnaire?

A survey must be conducted with the help of a questionnaire. A questionnaire is a set of questions that are designed to gather information about a particular topic or problem. These questions can be structured in a number of ways. they can be:

  • closed questions (e.g. multiple choice)
  • open questions (e.g. free-text)
  • rating scale questions
  • Multi-select questions
  • matrix questions
  • question chains

The questionnaire can gather qualitative or quantitative information depending on the design and the goal of the survey. A questionnaire, despite being a crucial part of the survey, is not the only thing a provider must be focused on while conducting the survey. There are many other factors that decide the usefulness of a survey.

SaaS questionnaire and the ‘Pilot Survey’


Once the questionnaire is designed, it is important that the questionnaire is pretested before the actual survey begins. Pretesting is not only important to ensure that the questionnaire is going to work, but also to ensure that the questionnaire is understandable to the users and potential customers. After the questionnaire is pretested the survey can begin. 


A pilot survey is a form of pretesting that you can conduct if you have any doubts about how your SaaS questionnaire will be received. The objective of a pilot survey is to gather data on how your customers feel about the content of the questionnaire, the length, and format of the questionnaire, the type of technology they prefer, etc.


SaaS customer satisfaction survey examples


SaaS customer satisfaction survey examples




                            Here is a list of 24 user survey example questions that can be included in the B2B SaaS customer survey questionnaire. These questions are designed to gather specific information from customers and help a SaaS provider meet some of their general goals:


  1. How do you rate your overall experience working with our company?
  2. How would you rate the quality of our services?
  3. Are you satisfied with our order management process?
  4. How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend?
  5. Are you satisfied with the service delivery speed?
  6. How do you feel about the value of our service?
  7. Are you satisfied with the subscription availability?
  8. Are you satisfied with the support service?
  9. How long did you wait for our support team to respond to your issue?
  10. What do you think about our pricing?
  11. How likely are you to renew your subscription with our company?
  12. How likely are you to purchase our additional services?
  13. What are your suggestions for improving the product?
  14. How would you rate our product usability?
  15. If there was a problem with the product, in what way do you rate the problem-solving process?
  16. Were you able to find the information you were looking for on the website?
  17. What is your opinion of the website's design?
  18. Did you notice any broken links on the website?
  19. Do you think the website is easy to navigate?
  20. How do you rate our customer support service?
  21. What is your opinion of the customer support team's professionalism?
  22. What is your opinion of the customer support team's effectiveness?
  23. Would you recommend our company to a friend?
  24. Would you recommend our products to a friend?




The B2B SaaS model is a good way of providing high-end services to a variety of businesses. Surveying is a great way of gathering information from the customers, which would help the SaaS provider to improve their quality of service.

A good questionnaire is necessary for a B2B SaaS survey, but it is not the only crucial thing that constitutes a good survey. Many other factors decide the success of a survey.

Before starting a survey, it is important to have a goal in place, so that the data gathered from the survey can be processed accordingly.

Once the questionnaire is designed, it is important that the questionnaire is pretested before the actual survey begins. After the completion of a survey, it is necessary to make the right evaluations and decide on business strategies as per the outcome.

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